Daily UI

daily ui – bedjet-1
daily ui – bedjet

The puzzle

As a designer, I wanted to improve my skills in UX/UI and gain more experience using Figma. To achieve this, I did Daily UI challenges. Daily UI is a 100-day challenge where a design prompt is provided each day for designers to work on. The prompts range from creating a landing page to designing a dashboard, and everything in between.

The solution

Throughout the challenge, I focused on incorporating good UX/UI practices. This included using clear and concise language, creating a simple and intuitive navigation system, and considering the user's needs at every step of the design process. I also wanted to practice creating the identity of an app. To achieve this, I created color palettes and logos that would work well with the designs I created.


UX/UI, logo design, branding


Figma, Illustrator


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