? Hi there! I'm Mara

I explore design with curiosity & creativity




Jenna Ammer

Stantec Smart(ER) Mobility
Senior Marketing Specialist

“Mara and I collaborated on projects for Inventionland Institute, which is dedicated to teaching children how to cultivate their creativity and inventiveness. Mara's unique perspective and impressive visual skills added value to the program, making it even more engaging and effective. I enjoyed teaming up with her and appreciate the lasting connection we found.”



Olivia Mendizabal

Massaro Construction Group
Graphic Designer

“During our time at Civil & Environmental Consultants, I had the pleasure of working with Mara on several projects including the Annual Planning Meeting. Mara's exceptional design skills and problem-solving abilities were crucial to the success of larger projects for our firm. She consistently contributed creative ideas and innovative solutions that exceeded our expectations. I miss working together and can confidently say that she would be an asset to any team.”

Passion Projects


Michelle Raley

Life Science Connect
Executive Editor
“Working with Mara, a talented designer, was an absolute pleasure. Her creativity, attention to detail, and ability to translate complex ideas into visually appealing designs made my job as a copywriter much easier. Mara was always open to feedback and collaboration, and together we produced some truly impressive work that exceeded our clients' expectations.”


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