get to know me

who i am

I grew up with art and I have no idea where I would be without it. I was fortunate to attend a high school with a dynamic arts program, which inspired me to move to San Francisco to study photography before ultimately deciding to focus on graphic design. After a few years, I moved back to Pennsylvania to finish my degree at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

I graduated in 2014, but the learning doesn’t stop there! Art is always evolving, and it’s fulfilling to continue to learn and grow on both a professional and personal level. I’m always exploring a variety of art, such as needle felting, ceramics, and music.

The time I spent in San Francisco gave me an important life lesson—travel expands my horizons and inspires me to try new things. Exploring new places and discovering their hidden gems is my favorite way to experience the world. If I’m not out and exploring, or at a live music event (I love festivals!) I like to be a homebody. Chilling at home, playing video games with my husband and a lap cat or two is my favorite way to relax.

what i’m looking for

Experience has taught me that I value diversity and progress in the workplace. Making a positive impact means a lot to me, which has recently prompted me to create masks for essential workers, as well as a website compiling Black-owned businesses in Pittsburgh. It means a lot to me to have the room to make these efforts within the workplace as well as outside of it. I’m always looking to move forward, and I’ll make a suggestion if I think it could solve a problem or improve a situation—being heard and having open-minded discussions are important to me.

I enjoy building strong relationships with colleagues and connecting outside of work. Let’s play video games together or have a board game night! I’m looking for something that doesn’t feel ultra-corporate. It’s important that I fit in with my colleagues and the vision of the company. If we hold similar beliefs, I can truly put my heart and soul into my work.


Let's work together!